OUR FINANCE SERVICES: we are an independent unit of the Riskfin Group, rendering financial and Tax services to individuals and businesses. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Trust and regular feedback is a key element of our service to ensure peace of mind. It is important for us to establish a personal relationship with our clients and encourage them to communicate with us regarding their tax uncertainties.

Personal Tax:

Yearly recons and submission of personal income tax
Registration of profiles on E-filing
Regular communication and feedback regarding queries with SARS on income tax matters
Personal Registration for income tax
Tax saving
Business Services:

Monthly processing of transactions on Pastel
Monthly update management statements
Income statements
Balance sheet
Trial Balance
Monthly submissions of EMP201 and VAT returns
Yearly submissions of income tax returns
Submissions of yearly returns at CIPRO
Liaising with chosen auditors with regards to yearly audited statements
Payroll and yearly recon of IRP’5.
Advice regarding Tax saving.

We also provide extra finance services and finance guidance of an electronic processing of any cash, credit and debit card slips. For more information on going green with our E slips services, please contact us.

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Funeral Software

The Riskfin Digital Systems (RDS) Funeral Software is well known in the industry and with its wide footprint across South Africa every undertaker using their product agrees that they would never consider using another product again. The software system empowers the client to manage his own data on a local database system and not somewhere on a vendor’s mainframe. The funeral parlor has full control over his data although with the RDS unique online support system they are able to assist with any number of small technicalities within minutes.

In addition to their flagship funeral software RDS have recently added the following new products to their stable making them leaders in the industry:

RDS Manager: This product is available for clients with a need for small to large database for clients or employees. The system also have a built in SMS engine. Some features of this product are:

Unlimited data storage (Depending on hardware)

Multi user

Multi Branch

Built in Debtors / Creditors

Stock control

Built in POS (Point of Sales System)

Data extraction for various applications like debit orders

To find out more about this amazing Funeral Software contact Riskfin today!

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Tombstone Policy

After the death and the funeral of a loved one, the Tombstone policy helps the family to pay their final respects to the deceased, by getting a Tombstone.

There are numerous tombstone policy options to choose from, below is just one option available.


The following cover is available:
Main Member: 100 %

Spouse: 100 %

Children 14 – 21: 100 %

Children 7 – 13: 50 %

Children 1 – 6: 25 %




To find out more options on Tombstone Policy contact Riskfin.

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Medical Aid

Medical Aid

Medical Aid

Riskfin is a registered independent medical brokerage and can assist you to make the right choice if you need to choose a medical aid.

They deal with more than one registered medical scheme and can help you with free quotes. The benefit of using a broker is to assist you to choose the best option for your needs.

Our friendly team can assist with queries like unpaid claims and so forth. It saves the member the frustration waiting for the call center for assistance.

For more information on medial aid, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover is essential. However, not many people think about getting a funeral policy until you need to arrange a funeral. 

A funeral can easily cost from R5000 upwards, even R40 000 or more. The problem is not everyone has immediate access to that type of money. The estate might take a while to be wound up (this sometimes takes weeks, or months). 

You can choose from a selection of funeral plans. A plan that could fit in with your budget and covers what is needed most. Before making a choice think about what you need from funeral cover. Do you need it to cover just your life, or an extended family.

If you need good advice on getting the right funeral cover, please contact us. We can offer a range of policies for you to select from.

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Funeral Policy

Nothing can come more unexpected and cause such drastic change in our lives, than the sudden loss off a loved one. Its is therefore surprising that “Death” is such an unpleasant subject for all off us.

Yet we all have to deal with it at some time, and the trauma when trying to come to terms with the facts of life will be drastic increased if there are insufficient funds available to you or your dependents on your funeral insurance.

Contact Us for more info on Funeral Policy

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Short Term Insurance

What is short term insurance? In case of an loss, or unexpected event, the insurer compensates the client.

You get different types of insurance:

Short term insurance

Long term insurance

Life insurance

Car insurance

Key person insurance

Income protection

and many more types.

Contact Riskfin today to find out more about Short Term Insurance.

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