Funeral Software

The Riskfin Digital Systems (RDS) Funeral Software is well known in the industry and with its wide footprint across South Africa every undertaker using their product agrees that they would never consider using another product again. The software system empowers the client to manage his own data on a local database system and not somewhere on a vendor’s mainframe. The funeral parlor has full control over his data although with the RDS unique online support system they are able to assist with any number of small technicalities within minutes.

In addition to their flagship funeral software RDS have recently added the following new products to their stable making them leaders in the industry:

RDS Manager: This product is available for clients with a need for small to large database for clients or employees. The system also have a built in SMS engine. Some features of this product are:

Unlimited data storage (Depending on hardware)

Multi user

Multi Branch

Built in Debtors / Creditors

Stock control

Built in POS (Point of Sales System)

Data extraction for various applications like debit orders

To find out more about this amazing Funeral Software contact Riskfin today!

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