Funeral Administration Simplified

Finding a way for funeral administration to be run successfully is a really tough job. Funeral parlour administrators have to keep track of a whole lot of data at the same time, and they need to treat each family with a renewed sense of sensitivity. This could make administration a nightmare because not finding the relevant data is a very frustrating endeavour. This is why Riskfin has come up with an administrative solution that is specifically aimed at funeral parlours. The software that they have created is known as Riskfin Digital System and it aids a great deal with the administration and management side of funeral parlours.

Recently this system has been built on and a few extra products have been added. One of these products is the RDS Administrator that functionally adds the following benefits, you will be able to manage an unlimited amount of funeral parlours as your clients, and you can have a multi company and multi user option. You will have full access control and this includes an audit trail, data imports and export is possible between your clients and your system. You will have data exports for underwriters and these are just some of the added benefits that you can enjoy. Please contact Riskfin for any further details on Funeral Administration.

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