Simplifying Funeral Administration

Funeral administration is a daunting task with all the necessary details that need to be captured and remembered for future use, and the personal attention that needs to be administered to every single client. It is such a sensitive time in the client’s life that you will try to make it as smooth and easy as possible. This is why Riskfin has this great funeral administration software called Riskfin Digital System (RDS). This system assists in the everyday data management for the funeral parlour, and it has recently been upgraded to include a few extra benefits.

The RDS now includes an RDS Manager, which helps clients that have a small to large database, it includes a built in SMS system which is ideal for easy communication with clients. Some of the other benefits that can be enjoyed with this added product is the unlimited data storage, built in debtor and creditors, stock control and built in Point of Sales System. These are just some of the added benefits of this product. There are also other added products with added benefits including a RDS Administrator, a RDS Administrator Gold and RDS SMS Lite. Please contact Riskfin for more information regarding Funeral Administration.

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