Medical Aid Selection

Making the right medical aid selection is crucial for peace of mind. It is one of the worst experiences when either you or a family member is lying in hospital and you have no idea how you will pay for all the medical expenses. Well this is why medical aids are made use of in South Africa. It is however important to note that medical aids differ in terms of what they cover and how much of the expenses is covered.

The basic cost of medical expenditures is determined once a year by all the medical aids -however most private medical services charge about 300% of this cost and that makes private medical attention virtually impossible for everybody except the very wealthy few. You should take not of what the coverage that is offered. In order to overcome this gap, there is a service called the gap cover and this will also help to pay the gap between the basic set price and the increased cost of privated medical attention. There are various other options too, such as some medical aid services that automatically just pay this gap as part of their service. Just do some research and decide on what your needs are. For more information regarding medical aid please contact Riskfin.

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