Employees Funeral Plan

The particular "Employees Funeral Schemes" happens to be specifically created to help you cater for all of the staff together with top managers, and also has been designed to get rid of unneeded downtime a result of workers taking time off searching for cash.
With this particular solution you'll be able to offer your staff the assurance that they shall be in the position to bury their loved one with out them taking wage advances.
This product is only designed for their particular immediate family unit i.e.: husband, spouse, which includes a maximum of half a dozen children (below the age of Twenty-one), and also Twenty five years if the youngster is studying at a certified academic establishment. Maximum admittance age is Sixty five yrs, this policy may continue as a voluntary scheme when you reach Sixty-five years.
Claims Procedure
All claims need to be submitted to Riskfin Funeral Administrators, either through facsimile or possibly hand delivered to our office buildings within Pretoria North.
All claims usually are paid out after only 48 hours.
For additional information concerning Employees Funeral Scheme contact Riskfin.
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