Funeral Administration Software

If you are involved in the administration of funerals and policies, then take a closer look at this Funeral Administration Software package.

This funeral administration software system gives you complete control over your policies. This is some of the benefits you can expect when working with the funeral admin system:

Branch Management: Manage funeral parlors on a branch level. Have the capability to do branch wide searched.

Member Management: Detailed member information. The system has fields to manage individual members. Dependents are coupled with the main member of the policy.

Policy Management: Manage policies from the system.

Payment Reports: Extract payment reports. Get details on who has paid and who still needs to pay.

Claims Administration: Make your claims process faster. Print claim forms and much more.

Commission: Marketer commission can be set in the system, like monthly %, monthly amount, One Time % and One Time amount.

Fast SMS Communication: SMS and or Bulk SMS. You can send bulk SMS from the system.

There are many more features! For all the benefits of the Funeral Administration Software follow this link: Funeral Administration Software

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