Taxi Liability


Taxi Liability

Taxi Liability


Passenger liability cover is provided to protect the owners and drivers of the vehicles for any legal liability to their passengers whilst traveling in the insured vehicle.

The following options are available:
Liability Cover – R 250 000 – R 500 000 – R 750 000 – R 1 000 000
Maximum liability per seat per vehicle – R 75 000

Things you need to know
Premiums are payable monthly or annually in advance

The insurer will not be liable under the following circumstances:
The vehicle must be driven by a licensed driver
The vehicle must not be over loaded (as defined in the policy wording)
The vehicle must be roadworthy (as defined in the policy wording)
Claims, or potential liability claims, must be reported in writing within 3 (three) months of the date of the accident
No claim will be considered unless the full premium has been paid to date


This benefit provides cover should fare paying passengers in the insured vehicle are killed in an accident. This provides immediate cover, and pays over and above any payment which may be received from the Passenger Liability Policy

Persons Covered
Insured (the driver)
The spouse of the driver (automatic following the enrollment of the main member but subject to this person being listed in the application form, or formally added at a later stage)
Up to five children of the driver (automatic following the enrollment of the main member – subject to their details being included on the application form)

To find out more information regarding Taxi Liability contact Riskfin today.

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