Funeral Admin Software

This specific Funeral Administrator Software package is utilized to deal with your Funeral Service scheme subscribers. All branches can be set-up separately or as groups. The Funeral Admin Software computer program works out the cost associated with marketers, as well as many additional reports as well as statistics.
Primary Characteristics:
1. Group and Branch Managing
2. Member with Dependent management
3. Scheme payments along with Repayment reports
4. Claims Management
5. Invoice function to manage funerals (Stock Control)
6. Debtor and Creditor
7. Marketer commission payment
8. Text message or Bulk SMS Feature
9. Numerous Branch Capable
Option One: The Funeral Admin Software package is free for those who have their members with Riskfin.
Option Two: You have to pay per member in addition to extended fee every month.
Contact us for a trial of the particular Funeral Administration Software.
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