Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Riskfin is a registered independent brokerage and can assist you to make the right choice if you need to choose medical insurance. Riskfin deals with more than one registered medical insurance scheme and can help you with free quotes.

The benefit of using Riskfin as your broker is, we will assist you to choose the best option for your medical insurance needs. Our friendly team can assist with queries like unpaid claims and so forth. It saves the member the frustration waiting for the call center for assistance.

For more information on selecting the correct medical insurance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance in short, is the protection against loss. It is a form of risk management. The risk is hedged against an uncertain loss.

A premium is asked by the insurer for taking on the risk. The amount of the premium for your Short Term Insurance depends on the risk involved. The risk is determined, and a premium is worked out.

The insured receives an insurance policy. This Short Term Insurance policy details the terms and conditions of the agreement.

In case of an loss, or unexpected event, the insurer compensates the client.

To find out what Short Term Insurance will work for you contact Riskfin today!

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Finance and Tax Services

OUR SERVICES: we are an independent unit of the Riskfin Group, rendering Financial and Tax services to individuals and businesses. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

Trust and regular feedback is a key element of our service to ensure peace of mind. It is important for us to establish a personal relationship with our clients and encourage them to communicate with us regarding their tax uncertainties.

Personal Tax:

  • Yearly recons and submission of personal income tax
  • Registration of profiles on E-filing
  • Regular communication and feedback regarding queries with SARS on income tax matters
  • Personal Registration for income tax
  • Directives
  • Tax saving

Business Services:

  • Monthly processing of transactions on Pastel
  • Monthly update management statements
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Monthly submissions of EMP201 and VAT returns
  • Yearly submissions of income tax returns
  • Submissions of yearly returns at CIPRO
  • Liaising with chosen auditors with regards to yearly audited statements
  • Payroll and yearly recon of IRP’5
  • Advice regarding Tax saving.

We also provide extra services and guidance of an electronic processing of any cash, credit and debit card slips.

For more information on going green with our E slips services and for all your Finance and Tax Services, please contact Riskfin today!

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AIDS Treatment Funeral Product

The programme has been broken into various components that will allow an organisation to complete a complete employee benefits programme, including the provision of a comprehensive HIV solution tailored to meet its own individual needs. (The programme is also designed to form part of the overall employee benefits menu including Group Life, Provident Fund etc – contact us for more details)

The AIDS Treatment Funeral Product Pays for your staff and their family’s funerals as well as, helps keep your workforce healthy and productive.

This AIDS Treatment Funeral Product provides:

  • 24 Hour call centre for HIV advice and counselling
  • 3 Blood tests per annum
  • 3 consultations per annum
  • Free vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Free Antiretrovirals from Private or State facilities
  • Full HIV disease management
  • Full HIV prevention services after an accidental exposure

All this is included in the funeral Insurance premium.

To get further information on the AIDS Treatment Funeral Product contact Riskfin today.

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Taxi Liability Short Term Insurance

Taxi Liability Short Term Insurance

Taxi Liability Short Term Insurance

Passenger Taxi Liability 

Passenger liability cover is provided to protect the owners and drivers of the vehicles for any legal liability to their passengers whilst traveling in the insured vehicle.

Things you need to know:
Premiums are payable monthly or annually in advance
The insurer will not be liable under the following circumstances:
The vehicle must be driven by a licensed driver
The vehicle must not be over loaded (as defined in the policy wording)
The vehicle must be roadworthy (as defined in the policy wording)
Claims, or potential liability claims, must be reported in writing within 3 (three) months of the date of the accident
No claim will be considered unless the full premium has been paid to date.

There are also the following other Taxi Liability Short Term Insurance Plans available:
Passenger Protection Plan
Individual Commuter Cover
Scholar Transport Motor Liability Cover
Driver Funeral Plan

To find out more about the options on Taxi Liability Short Term Insurance Plans contact Riskfin today.

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Registered Medical Schemes

Registered Medical Scheme

Registered Medical Scheme

Are you looking for a Registered Medical Scheme or think that you are paying too much for your current Medical Aid?

With about 49 registered medical schemes open to the South African public to choose from, it is not easy task.

We provide comparative quotes from the registered medical schemes with a our fully accredited consultant.

Contact Riskfin today to speak to one of our consultants about the correct Registered Medical Scheme for you.

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Hospitality & Accommodation Insurance Specialist

Are you in need of a Hospitality & Accommodation Insurance Specialist? Then look no further, Riskfin – Financial and Management Services can assist you with Hospitality & Accommodation Insurance.

Because We DON’T:

  • We DON’T require that a disclaimer be signed by a guest.
  • We DON’T charge an additional premium for most extensions under the buildings and contents section and that includes subsidence and landslip.
  • We DON’T require a survey on most premises before risk is accepted.
  • We DON’T lose our focus with lots of different products.
  • We DON’T have policy holders, we have ? Tourism Ambassadors?.
  • We DON’T have forcible and violent entry requirements for theft.
  • We DON’T have power surge equipment restrictions on lightning and power surge claims.
  • We DON’T reduce the insured’s motor NCB or charge an excess if the motor accident/collision was not the insured’s fault due to our NO BLAME BONUS. (excluding any vehicles over R500,000)
  • We DON’T charge for geyser cover if the buildings are insured with us.
  • WE DON’T limit the value of geysers.

Because We DO:

  • We DO cover both the personal and business portions of the establishment without having to split the values.
  • We DO have liability limits of up to R100m written by major liability underwriters at Lloyd?s of London.
  • We DO provide premium discounts for any membership of accommodation associations in South Africa and for owners of 50 years of age.
  • We DO provide cover for TAX and CAP legal Costs up to R300,000 in defending the insured against matters arising from a Tax or CPA claim against the insures at a small additional premium.
  • We DO provide cover for Loss of Revenue following murder, rape, suicide or any attempt, loss of revenue following any violent event at a establishment, loss of revenue following a cancellation of any event and loss of revenue following death, by any means, of a key member of the establishment and many other risks associated with a running B&B or Guesthouse.
  • We DO have a section that includes cover for certain electrical and plumbing problems, plus cover for appliance maintenance and auto assist and is automatically included.
  • We DO provide money cover for R7, 500 under the contents section and R5,000 under all risk section at no cost.
  • We DO automatically include guest?s effects cover up to limit R25, 000 under the Buildings and Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Accidental Damage cover up to a limit of R20,000 under the Building and Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Bilking cover up to a limit of R25, 000 per event in terms of the Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Fidelity and Accounts Receivable cover up to R10,000

Should you require more information on Hospitality & Accommodation Insurance contact Riskfin today!

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